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    Globalization is one of the major topics and challenges of our time. There is growing uncertainty whether globalization means more opportunity or more risk. But the fact remains that it has impacted people and communities across the globe and presented a wealth of opportunities. It still has great potential.

    We suppose it is important to spread the benefits of globalization more widely so that social acceptance is not lost.

    Project 1 : Fresh Fruit Factory

    Type: Restaurant

    Fresh Fruit Factory is a platform that connects customers, local farmers and our team to globally.

    We operate a small café restaurant called Fresh Fruit Factory near Angkor Wat where travelers from all over the world gather. As the name implies, the theme of this restaurant is tropical fruit. We opened for business in 2016, now many customers visit from countries throughout the world. The restaurant has grown into a wonderful place where many encounters and much interaction among cultures occurs.

    Project 2 : Weworld

    Type: Mobile app

    Having friends throughout the world - Weworld makes that new age a reality.

    The experience of interacting with people from different cultures is novel, fun, and is the “cure” that gives meaning to our lives. We want to provide this “cure” to many people.

    There are many social media, but only influential global leaders can have an impact. Weworld provides a wonderful opportunity for many people to experience international exchange in an easier, more equitable way.

    MiraiLab Inc.

    1-4-1 Kasumigaseki Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo JAPAN

    CEO: Ryu Kawamura


    - Mobile app development & operation

    - Offshore development

    - Restaurant operation

    - Food sales


    - MiraiLab Viet Nam Co., Ltd.

    - MiraiLab Cambodia Co., Ltd.

    Contact: info@mirailab.co.jp

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